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Proof of Concept

  1. Respondents feel that the scores make sense and reflects their current self-perception.
  2. Improved diversity training program content and design.
  3. Changed and transformed leader thinking about diversity.
  4. Reimagine diversity marketing and branding.
  5. Fosters a healthy organizational structure through improved communication of diversity using diversity intelligence (DQ).
  6. Reduce labor lawsuits and equal opportunity complaints.
  7. Improve leaders’ understanding of protected class groups in the workplace.
  8. Improve understanding of the effectiveness of compliance and diversity training.
  9. Improve employee performance as a result of improved employee morale.
  10. There are circumstances in which this can provide the most impacting results, including: Time; Dedication to personal development; Safety and comfort levels to be vulnerable and open; Awareness of self from the outset.

What Clients Are Saying

I appreciated that the survey wasn’t complicated or super time-consuming and allowed me to have an aspirational mindset.

“I thought I was aware of D&I which to an extent I was, but saying that It’s given me a further layer to this
understanding and also to myself and my own thought process, belief system and how I form opinions”.

“I haven’t really given D&I as much thought in the past as I have since taking part in this programme. This
has opened my eyes to experiences I have been through and made me think how I could change my
behaviour towards others”

“I’ve spent more time on my own development and have been able to incorporate external learning within
this which in turn has meant I’ve been able to do the same with my team. It’s also heightened my awareness
around diversity and inclusion and led to me considering it in ways I wouldn’t have previously”.
“The verbatim commentary here builds on the theories of Claretha Hughes (2016) that leadership
development and diversity intelligence can determine a change in leader behaviour and follower well-being
play out.”

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